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Calvin Kim
by Calvin Kim
Read on for the results from race two of the World Superbike race in Valencia...


World Superbike champion Troy Bayliss eased to the top of the championship at the start of the new season with two wins in Sunday's opening round at the sun-drenched Valencia circuit in Spain.

The Australian Ducati rider won the opening race despite the close attentions of Ben Bostrom, Noriyuki Haga and Castrol Honda's Colin Edwards. Bayliss crossed the finish line ahead of Haga making a return to World Superbike with the factory Aprilia team.

Third place went the way of Bostrom on the L & M Ducati while Edwards finished fourth to equal his best ever Valencia race result.

"I made a good start to the race but the front wheel lifted and it lost me a couple of places going into the first corner," said Edwards. "From that moment on I was battling to stay in touch with the leaders. I'm reallydisappointed with the result, I know I was capable of winning that race."

Ruben Xaus fought through from ninth place on the grid to take fifth at the chequered flag with Briton Neil Hodgson sixth on a Ducati. Mark Heckles, making his debut on the Castrol Honda Rumi HRC kit machine, finished 21st.

Bayliss waited until the 18th lap before making his move to the front in race two, edging our Haga as he took his second win of the day. Haga repeated his first race performance while Edwards put in a late charge onthe all new SP-2 machine.

The American passed Bostrom with four laps to go and was closing in on Haga when the race was red flagged after Heckles crashed. Heckles escaped injurybut the incident spread dirt and gravel on the circuit which deemed the track too dangerous for organisers to continue the race.

The race result was taken after 20 laps three laps short of the intended distance with Edwards taking his first podium finish at Valencia in three years of trying.

"I'm not sure if I could have got Haga on those last four laps but I was ready to give it my best shot," said the Castrol SP-2 pilot. "My plan to pull away at the start didn't work so I decided to try and save the reartyre. It worked out and I was pretty confident of getting on Haga's case at the end there but it wasn't to be."

Hodgson finished fifth behind Bostrom with Hitoyasu Izutsu sixth on his official debut in the championship for Kawasaki after previously racing as a wild card rider in the Japanese rounds.

First race result: (Laps 23 - 92.115 km)1 Troy Bayliss, Australia (Ducati) 36m 51.963s2 Noriyuki Haga, Japan (Aprilia) 36m 55.139s3 Ben Bostrom, USA (Ducati) 36m 55.279s4 Colin Edwards, USA (Castrol Honda) 36m 55.990s5 Ruben Xaus, Spain (Ducati) 37m 00.673s6 Neil Hodgson, GB (Ducati) 37m 06.408s7 Hitoyasu Izutsu, Japan (Kawasaki) 37m 07.858s8 Gregorio Lavilla, Spain (Suzuki) 37m 22.778s9 Pier-Francesco Chili, Italy (Ducati) 37m 22.783s10 Chris Walker, GB (Kawasaki) 37m 23.559s11 Juan Borja, Spain (Ducati) 37m 23.630s12 James Toseland, GB (Ducati) 37 28.233s13 Allesandro Antonello, Italy (Ducati) 37m 31.935s14 Lucio Pedercini, Italy (Ducati) 37m 35.765s15 Broc Parkes, Australia (Ducati) 37m 38.015sFastest lap: Troy Bayliss, 1m 35.639s - 150.754 km/hSecond race result: (Laps 20 - 80.100 km)1 Bayliss 32m 03.384s2 Haga 32m 04.562s3 Edwards 32m 05.669s4 Bostrom 32m 08.528s5 Hodgson 32m 20.766s6 Izutsu 32m 29.194s7 Walker 32m 35.121s8 Juan Borja, Spain (Ducati) 32m 36.591s9 Steve Martin, Australia (Ducati) 32m 41.085s10 James Toseland, GB (Ducati) 32m 41.595s11 Pedercini 32m 44.323s12 Marco Borciani, Italy (Ducati) 32m 45.224s13 Ivan Clementi, Italy (Kawasaki) 33m 03.127s14 Serafino Foti, Italy (Ducati) 33m 03.415s15 Maurio Sanchini, Italy (Kawasaki) 33m 09.494Fastest lap: Ben Bostrom, 1m 35.306s - 151.281 km/hWorld Superbike championship points after one of 13rounds:1 Bayliss 502 Haga 403 Edwards and Bostrom 295 Hodgson 216 Izutsu 197 Walker 158 Borja 139 Xaus 1110 Toseland 1011 Lavilla 812 Martin - Chili - Pedercini 715 Borciani 4Manufacturers points:1 Ducati 502 Aprilia 403 Honda 294 Kawasaki 195 Suzuki 8Next round: March 24 Phillip Island, Australia Supersport

Fabien Foret gave Honda winning start to the new World Supersport campaign with a dominant weekend display culminating in victory for the CBR600-mounted Frenchman.

Foret was fastest in all four practice and qualifying sessions, won the 23-lap race and set a new lap record for the 4.005km circuit. He took seven laps before taking the lead on his Ten Kate Honda from Stephan Chambon.Foret then controlled the race to celebrate his third World Supersport win.

"I'm so happy for the team," said Foret. "We lost Pere Riba to another team last week so I really wanted to win and give the team something to be happy about again. I was nervous at the start of the race but once I settled in Iwas comfortable leading and I knew I could win if I didn't make any silly mistakes."

Chambon finished second while Christian Kellner just pipped the van Zon Honda rider Chris Vermeulen on the final lap to secure third and the final place on the podium. World champion Andrew Pitt held off James Whitham forthe entire race to take fifth place.

World Supersport Race Results (Laps 23 = 92,115 km)1 Fabien Foret, FRA (Honda), 38'11.646s2 Stéphane Chambon, FRA (Suzuki ), 38'11.962s3 Christian Kellner,GER (Yamaha), 38'18.922s4 Chris Vermeulen, AUS (Honda), 38'18.947s5 Andrew Pitt, AUS (Kawasaki), 38'19.916s6 James Whitham, GBR (Yamaha), 38'20.063s7 Alessio Corradi, ITA (Yamaha), 38'32.253s8 Paolo Casoli, ITA (Yamaha), 38'33.849s9 Antonio Carlacci, ITA (Yamaha), 38'43.484s10 Werner Daemen, BEL (Honda), 38'45.271s11 Piergiorgio Bontempi, ITA (Ducati), 38'46.141s12 Gianluca Nannelli, ITA (Ducati), 38'51.075s13 Robert Ulm, AUT (Honda), 38'52.000s14 Karl Muggeridge, AUS (Honda), 38'52.180s15 James Ellison, GBR (Kawasaki), 38'52.398sFastest Lap: Fabien Foret 1' 38.981World Supersport championchip standings:1 Fabien Foret 252 Stéphane Chambon 203 Christian Kellner 164 Chris Vermeulen 135 Andrew Pitt 116 James Whitham 107 Alessio Corradi 98 Paolo Casoli 89 Antonio Carlacci 710 Werner Daemen 611 Piergiorgio Bontempi 512 Gianluca Nannelli 413 Robert Ulm 314 Karl Muggeridge 215 James Ellison 1Manufacturers points:1 Honda 252 Suzuki 203 Yamaha 164 Kawasaki 115 Ducati 5Next round: March 24 - Phillip Island, Australia
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