Suggest A Bike For My Commute.

Riding a $1,100 bike from the 1970's for my 40 mile commute seemed like a good idea at the time. But my beat up CX500 is getting to be more trouble than it's worth. I'd like suggestions for a replacement.

Maybe a 1979 Honda CX500 wouldn't be such a bad commuter bike if it was in pristine condition. But just about everything on the one I have seems to be worn out and falling apart. I'm starting to think I ought to replace it with something newer.

Ok, some background - I don't have very much riding experience; I've been riding since June and have put about 3,000 miles on my bike. So I'm not looking for something super-powerful, and don't especially need it either, since most of my riding is not on the interstate. I often ride to work, weather permitting, and that's about 40 miles each way. And I prefer standard or a bit sporty ergos to forward controls. Oh, and I'm 6'2" tall.

There's a couple different bikes I've considered, and I'm planning to buy one slightly used so it helps if it's something relatively common. I'm figuring something that I can pick up for $5,000 or less would be good (although I definitely wouldn't mind if I spent less). Low maintenance is very good, too.

I can guess that a lot of you are going to suggest I get a SV650, and that's one I'm considering. Another part of me wants to get a Ninja 250 for its light weight, great mileage, and very low price tag. A few other ideas that have crossed my mind include the Harley Sportster without forward controls, a GS500 or DL650, a Buell Blast, or even a Ducati Monster 620 or BMW F650CS if I can find one.

I know, that list is all over the map. What do you suggest? Anything on my list jump out as being really, really inappropriate for what I have in mind?
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