Valkyrie 1800! Who Wants One? Staff
by Staff
Although most Valkyrie stalwarts were of the opinion that Honda "ruined" the Valkyrie concept with the Rune, most had hopes that the bizarre Wurlitzer of a factory custom was just a showcase model that would soon be succeeded by a "normal" Valkyrie with the new fuel-injected 1800cc engine.

Unfortunately, no such model has appeared. Valkyrie stalwarts continue to wait and hope.

It's ironic that Yamaha is still producing the one-trick-pony VMax, whose handling and braking were outdated before Lindsay Lohan was born, yet the Valkyrie, whose brakes and handling were a good balance with its engine's power (enough to embarass squids on sportbikes) has disappeared.

So what say you, MOrons, has the Valkyrie's day come and gone? Or should Honda get off its ass and get a Valkyrie 1800 into production ASAP?

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