North-Georgia Mountain Roads a BIG Problem!

Atlanta Fox 5 did a 2-part "Special Report" on the ongoing problems with Motorcycles:

(there's a short self-promoting clip at the beginning of each video)

Part One

Part Two

This is a growing problem all over the Nation - EVERY SINGLE area that is a "Motorcycle Destination" is encountering problems of this nature - increased "nuisance factor, increased crashes, increased deaths, increased enforcement-presence: One right after the other. From Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas, Wisconsin; to Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and California.

I've seen this disturbing trend over just the last few years.

And it's getting worse.

If we don't start to restrain and Police ourselves, others will make efforts to do so for us:

While on the surface this seems to be a "fair and balanced" report, there are many details left out.

Of the 300+ accidents reported, there is no breakdown as to type of motorcycle, BAC of rider (you'd think people would have more sense riding in the GA mountains! - but I've seen more alchohol-involved than I care to count), etc.

Of the 17 deaths in one year, there doesn't seem to be any distinguishment between Motorcycles and Autos - just a total number.

All in all, this report comes out and points the finger squarely at the "Menace" of "Bullet-bikes", as if they were the only problem.

They talk about how Sheriff McClure says "It's only a small-percentage of Riders causing all of the problems", but previously he had commented he wanted ALL Motorcycles removed from Lumkin County roads - and did his level best to make it so, for a time.
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