Intermot 2006 Staff
by Staff
There are those who feel that 99 and a half cents per month is way too much to pay to subscribe to a website like ours. "Why pay when I can get the same information for free"?

Well, the reality is that you get what you pay for. We've been searching far and wide on the Web for a really detailed, comprehensive tour of the immense and incredible Intermot 2006 motorcycle consumer show in Germany, but the free sites reveal only small, blurry photos and badly translated, incomplete info about the exhibits. Too bad if you lack that 99 cents a month. We recommend checking under your sofa cushions.

Lucky for you, you're a MO subscriber, with all the benefits and privileges thereof. On your behalf, we sent MOfo Bob Stokstad to Intermot with a fancy camera and orders to not rest until he documented every nook and cranny of this vast exposition. The result? This immense slideshow, with many pictures and captions. Block off some time, it'll take a long time to see it all, although not as long as going there yourself!

Enjoy, and thanks for the 99 cents!

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