My Cruiser Got Smoked

I've been parking my 02 Honda Shadow Spirit 750, with a cover over it, in a utility storage room where my landlord keeps his supplies, for the last 18 months. Since we live in a small section of town with a little higher elevation, we didn't even get flooded like the other 80% of New Orleans after the levees failed following Hurricane Katrina last fall.
Two weeks ago, at 1-1:30 A.M., an electrical fire started in the attic shared with an attached laundry room. When neighbors noticed flames on the roof, the fire department was called and arrived in under 7/8 minutes. Their prompt action saved a major fire, but both the storage room and the laundry room were
in a blanket of smoke, along with my bike, for an hour or so before the blaze began.

Can any of you smart & experienced MO'ers give me some input as to how to get the smoke smell out of my motorcycle?

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George Obradovich
George Obradovich

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