The KLR Needs Another Cylinder. Staff
by Staff
I've been waiting for an update to the KLR design since I was in college many, many moons ago. I've been through a bunch of bikes since. I like the Bold New Graphics and styling, but one of the stickers needs to read "650twin" (italicized and colorful of course). The bike fits me like a glove but since the years have rolled on my tolerance for vibration and reach to the grips has diminished. Amortize the new motor faster and give us an actually dirt worthy and Kawaski character laden version of the V-strom.

For the record I'm 36, professional, live on a ranch outside Denver about 2 miles down a dirt road, commute 60 miles each way to work, and love to run a mountain road wether dirt or paved. Kawasaki has all the parts to make me a happy consuming man.

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