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I commute to work in Chicago everyday on my '82 Honda CB450T. (51 mpg on my bike vs 15 mpg in my Z28). I have a few questions for you MOfos.

1) I have a Shoei RF-1000 helmet. When it is poring rain, do I have to close the vents on the helmet? Does water get in and damage the helmet? Because sometimes it starts to rain while I am on the freeway and it is hard to reach for the top and back vents.

2) I am going to commute to work on my bike through winter (TourMaster Transistion jacket, TourMaster Caliber pants, JR gloves & Milwaukee leather boots) as long as there is no ice/snow on the road. But usually here in Chicago the temparature hovers around 30F-50F for most of the winter. What are the good tire choices for this weather? On my Z28 I put the Michelin Arctic Alpine tires. Are there any equivalent tires for the bikes or is it not necessary? I am a newbie(squid?) and most of my riding experience is from the last couple of months.

3) A few days in the last couple of weeks the early morning temparature was already at 40F. I noticed that when pull up behind a cage at a traffic light, the smoke (smog?) from their tail pipe is very thick (probably the engine is not all that warmed up) and makes breathing difficult. Are there any devices/gadgets or strategies available that make breathing easier in those situations?

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