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Brent Avis
by Brent Avis
It's Honda's Nicky Hayden who sits on the Supersport pole with a lap time of 1:53.351, a new Supersport lap record.

Behind Nicky is Kawasaki's new recruit Tommy Hayden who lapped just faster than Yamaha's new recruit, Damon Buckmaster.

Of note also is that young Nicky has also been throwing down some of the fastest Superbike times of the day, right ahead of Mat Mladin and Kurtis Roberts. We'll have those lap times and the Superbike line-up very soon...

Tommy Hayden (No. 22 Kawasaki)
"We were running pretty fast in practiceso I knew we'd probably have to run under the track record just to makethe front row. I thought the wind might slow us down a little, but itwasn't that big of a factor. The temperature was all right. It was alittle cool, but that's better than it being too hot and the track beinggreasy. I would love to get a pole for Kawasaki. We've been fast allwinter and things have been clicking pretty good. We don't feel likewe're hitting a wall yet, I mean things are getting. We're learningsomething new every time we go out."

Damon Buckmaster (No. 6 Graves Yamaha)
"I'm not really surprised by thespeed. It gets better every year doesn't it? I've always had thereputation as a big-bike rider, but I've always said that if I get on afactory team that I'd do well in 600. My fast lap didn't seem thatdifferent from any other, but it was just the draft that makes such a bigdifference here. Anthony, Aaron and myself had a little plan to help eachother and it worked out."

Aaron Gobert (No. 96 Graves Yamaha)
"I knew that group of us in a packwould produce some pretty good lap times. We worked as a team and we allsaid it doesn't matter who qualifies in front of who, we just wanted toput the Yamahas up front. I'm happy; we all did what we said we would doand it worked out good for us all. We came in put new tires on and wentout andtried to stay together."

Miguel Duhamel (No. 17 Honda)
"The front row is going to be good; we geta good start and mix it up. There will probably not be a lot of people upthere; probably just about 10 or 12 guys racing for the lead. I'mhappy to be on the front row. The CBRF4i is working really good. I'mfeeling confident for the race."

Nicky Hayden (No. 69 American Honda)
"At Daytona qualifying and the raceare two completely different things, especially here at Daytona where youjust need to get in the lead group and make sure no one gets away. MyHonda F4 is definitely the fastest (600) bike I've ever had at Daytona.With my brother (Tommy) one-two at Daytona is pretty special."

Eric Bostrom (No. 1 Kawasaki)
"I got a little tow from Nicky and JasonPridmore. They were both able to give me a little hand and that was a bighelp. For some reason we weren't able to get out of our own way in thatqualifying session. Things weren't quite working like we want. We'restill searching for a little traction out there. Since this is probablymy last 600 Supersport race I'd like to go out with a win, but we've gotsome homework to do."

1. Nicky Hayden, Honda, 1:53.3512. Tommy Hayden, Kawasaki, 1:53.4463. Damon Buckmaster, Yamaha, 1:53.5404. Miguel Duhamel, Honda, 1:53.5785. Eric Bostrom, Kawasaki, 1:53.8106. Kurtis Roberts, Honda, 1:53.8827. Aaron Gobert, Yamaha, 1:53.9698. Anthony Gobert, Yamaha, 1:54.0589. Aaron Yates, Suzuki, 1:54.08610. Roger Lee Hayden, Honda, 1:54.19111. Jamie Hacking, Suzuki, 1:54.31412. Mike Hale, Honda, 1:54.53513. Jake Zemke, Honda, 1:54.76214. Tom Kipp, Suzuki, 1:54.77815. Josh Hayes, Suzuki, 1:54.98816. Ben Spies, Suzuki, 1:55.33717. Jason Pridmore, Suzuki, 1:55.33718. Alex Gobert, Honda, 1:55.49819. Steve Rapp, Suzuki, 1:56.11920. Owen Weichel, Kawasaki, 1:56.331
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