An SV650 for HDshane. Staff
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30 days short of a year ago I posted here at MO right after joining. I asked about a new bike, a good first bike and said I wanted a Harley. Well here we are and I have yet to purchase a bike. Partly due to my getting freaked out at witnessing an accident where a cycle rider got wiped out by a careless girl in her dads lifted cowboy truck. Partly because I just can not decide. Well I decided finally. An SV650 will be my first bike. Seems the best for newbie’s, looks cool and does not hurt my insurance too bad. I also outgrew thinking Harley's were the only bike for me.

So what can I do when some time down the road I am used to the bike and want more performance? Sell the SV650 or upgrade? Do current SV owners like their SV's years down the road or do they find they outgrow the bike fast? In other words buy used and get rid of it down the road or buy new and get the warranty and hold on to it through out the payments? Thanks for your feedback!


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