Clunky Shifting? Staff
by Staff
First let me say that I love my bike. I do have an inquiry in to get to the bottom the foul odor problem with the bike.I am concerned about the really rough shifting in 1st ,2nd ,and 3rd gear. the rest are smooth. When the bike is cold I don't get problem,but as soon as it warms up there is a definate mechanical impact that I don't think is normal. I have brought this concern to my dealer. he said it was normal.In the various tech reviews I have read they generally give the trans good reviews. to give some prospective I have owned a R1150RT, and presently have a 2004 1200GT, '05 1200RT and ofcourse the '06 K1200GT. I intend to reduce the fleet as soon as I can work out the glutches with the '06 GT.

Your comments please.... snowdg
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