Wednesday Morning Supersport Practice

Brent Avis
by Brent Avis
After the first round of Supersport practice, it's Suzuki's Jamie Hacking who set the fastest lap time. Kawasaki's Tommy Hayden was second fastest, followed by perennial favorite Miguel Duhamel on his Honda.

As should be expected, the lap times are all incredibly close with the top nine riders all running around the Daytona circuit in the 1:55 range...

Jamie Hacking (No. 2 Blimpie Yoshimura Suzuki) "Everything feels prettygood. This early it doesn't mean much, but it feels good to give theseguys the message that I'm ready to go. I've been on the bike a lot. Wedid some testing last week at Fontana (California Speedway). It was justa shakedown run, but it helps having seat time. The track was kind ofgreen this morning with the wind and the cool temperatures. You'll seethe times dropping in the next session."

Miguel Duhamel (No. 17 American Honda) "It was a cold track so I wasbeing pretty cautious out there. Going into the second horseshoe thereare three new patches and I noticed a couple of new painted lines andthings like that. I'll have to change my line in a few places."

Jimmy Filice (No. 165 Corbin Kawasaki) (This is Filice's first race weekon a Supersport bike. He is a three-time AMA 250 Grand Prix champion.)"I'm just trying to run around and get the feel for it. The first sessionwe ran the B-bike. In the next session we'll run the A-bike and try toget with the program. We're a little off right now, but things should begood."

(Biggest difference from riding a 250GP to the Supersport machine) Mainlyit's just the engine braking. On the 250 you carry a little more cornerspeed and entry speed. The handling is good on the Kawasaki. The lasttime I road raced a four-stroke was 1988 so it's been quite awhile. I gotsixth in the 200 back then and I had never road raced a four-stroke atthat point. Mystrategy is to work towards the race on Friday. We acceptwhat we do here and then keep pounding forward for the championship justlike last year."

1. Jamie Hacking, Suzuki, 1:55.2832. Tommy Hayden, Kawasaki, 1:55.3943. Miguel Duhamel, Honda, 1:55.6454. Tom Kipp, Suzuki, 1:55.7185. Josh Hayes, Suzuki, 1:55.7686. Anthony Gobert, Yamaha, 1:55.7907. Aaron Gobert, Yamaha, 1:55.8728. Mike Hale, Honda, 1:55.8749. Kurtis Roberts, Honda, 1:55.96610. Roger Lee Hayden, Honda, 1:56.03011. Aaron Yates, Suzuki, 1:56.29912. Damon Buckmaster, Yamaha, 1:56.62313. Eric Bostrom, Kawasaki, 1:56.82614. Tony Meiring, Kawasaki, 1:58.911
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