Kawasaki Reorganizes Activities

In order to accomodate for the increase in sales, Kawasaki is reorganizing its product development and marketing activities. The company will also be expanding its corporate headquarters, and the changes will become effective on Jan. 2, 2001.

KMC sales have been increasing between 10 and 20 percent each of the past three years. According to company president, Masatoshi ("Mike") Tsurutani, the consolidation will be an "important factor in assuring continued growth over the next several years, as it will allow us to take advantage of a number of cross-category efficiency opportunities while also providing additional consistency to our branding efforts."

Among the many changes in positions, Executive Vice President Bob Shepard will assume the position of Executive Vice President, Marketing Group. And Paul Bailey will become the new director of the Marketing Services Department.

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Danielle Grossman

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