CCS Races at Homestead Drowned Out

Brent Avis
by Brent Avis
We often get interesting e-mailed accounts of events from our readers. Some of them are good, some are of the not-so-good variety. For some reason this one struck us as particularly amusing and, as such, it's posted here for your viewing pleasure:

Yesterday's motorcycle roadraces at Miami-Dade motorsports park inHomestead Florida were finally cancelled due to flooding.The drizzly dreary day started off on a bad note in the firstpractice session when a Ducati spread oil through turns 3 and 4.

Due to the continuing rain all efforts to remove the oil failedmiserably. Officials had to resort to coning off most of thesurface throughout the curve for the remainder of the soon-to-get-muchworse day. . .

The first of the extremely shortened GT races was held with"no passing in turns 3 or 4" rule. Due to the delays the lunchbreak was canceled. The 'afternoon' races were delayed becausethere just were not enough crash trucks in Florida to clear thefalling bikes.

Then news spread through the pits that a car was drowned out inthe exit tunnel. By the time anything could be done about that thetunnel had completely filled with water. With both exit tunnels nowfilled with water to the roof all the competitors and small turnoutof spectators were trapped inside for most of the afternoon.

Approximately 16:30 a section of the outside wall was removed andwe were able to exit the racing facility by driving out across theNascar section of the track.

UNOFFICIALLY the remainder of the scheduled races will be held nextSunday. Check with CCS to find out for sure.

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Brent Avis
Brent Avis

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