National Agenda for Motorcycle Safety

Federal officials unveiled a National Agenda for Motorcycle Safety at theInternational Motorcycle Show in Long Beach, CA. The 110-page document wasreleased by the National Trafic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the privateMotorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) at news conference Dec. 8 and serves as ablueprint for research and actions to improve motorcycling safety.

"This is the first time in decades that the federal government's NationalHighway Traffic Safety Administration--in conjunction with the motorcycleindustry-supported MSF--has set a course for motorcycling safety," said SeanMaher, AMA legislative affairs specialist.

The blueprint covers such technical topics as rider education and licensing,motorist awareness, motorcycle design and roadway characterisitics. The planalso includes discussions of less scientific measures such as motorcyclists'attitudes toward safety.

The National Agenda for Motorcycle Safety says that there is an urgent need forthe government and the motorcycle industry to support studies into the cause ofmotorcycle crashes. The most detailed study done in the U.S. is almost 20years old, and the AMA is pushing for an update.

"Anyone involved in motorcycling or traffic safety should study this agendaand figure out ways to carry out the recommendations," Maher said. "Butriders need to take a close look at the document for another reaon--so they canguide positive efforts to carry out the recommendations at the federal, stateor local level."

You can view the National Agenda for Motorcycle Safety by going to the AMAwebsite at For a printed copy, write to: SafetyCountermeasures Division, NHTSA, NTS-15, 400 Seventh St. SW, Washington, D.C.,20590.

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