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The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and Senior Editor Gabe Ets-Hokin had the best of them. Buy a vintage motorcycle and fix it up for a series of "How To" articles.

The bike--a wizened 1976 Honda CB550F Supersport--was purchased and fixed up a wee bit, as documented in this motorcycle restoration story.

Alas, after that six months went by and it was clear that Gabe was too busy with his new job managing multi-bike reviews and glad-handing OEMs to spend time polishing rusty chrome and struggling with stuck cheese-head screws.

From Craig's List you came, so to Craig's List ye shall go, said Gabe, and an ad was written and posted (best line from the ad: "it has some issues...").

Little did Gabe know that a local MO reader and CB550 enthusiast had actually subscribed to MO because of the story a few months ago, and when he saw the ad, he called up Gabe. A few short hours later, he was at Gabe's apartment with a van and a door-cum-loading ramp to spirit the battered (but sweet-running) orange thing away.

Joe, the bike's proud new owner, already owns several CB550 Supersports, and will use this one to make one really nice bike and one not-so-nice one he will sell to make back most of what he shelled out for Gabe's bike.

Who knows, there might be a story from Joe in the near future! In any case, thanks Joe for reading MO and for saving Gabe from the grips of depression! Maybe he'll get some writing done now.

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