Piaggo MP3 Model Introduction

Two wheels good! Three wheels...better?

Every month or so, you see some crazy three or four-wheeled contraption roll into the spotlight, always costing zillions of bucks and in limited, hand-built quantities. ("The Schlmninger 2000 will be available to the public next year for $48,000") You never see one around town, either.

So here's a severely radical new front end from...Piaggio? The Italian scooter giant invited MO to try their new three-wheeled MP3 in Rome recently, and we sent our long-legged scribe Yossef Schvetz to see if he could flip it over. Is it worth the hype? Do we need a new front end? Is state-of-the-art Italian scooter design better than their air conditioners? Read and find out, then tell us if you think this will attract non-riders to the motorcycling world!

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