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PICKERINGTON, Ohio (August 11, 2006) -- The American MotorcyclistAssociation (AMA) and AMA Pro Racing today announced changes to theequipment eligibility list for AMA Formula Xtreme beginning with the2007 racing season.

AMA Formula Xtreme is a support class of the AMA Superbike Championship,the nation’s premier motorcycle road racing series.

Beginning next year, production motorcycles featuring engines with thefollowing displacement and specifications will be eligible forcompetition in the AMA Formula Xtreme class:

• 550cc-600cc 4-stroke liquid-cooled 4-valve four cylinders

• 650cc-675cc 4-stroke liquid-cooled 4-valve three cylinders

• 650cc-850cc 4-stroke liquid-cooled 4-valve twin cylinders

• 990cc-1100cc 4-stroke air/oil-cooled 4-valve desmo twin cylinders

• 990cc-1200cc 4-stroke air/oil-cooled 4-valve pushrod twin cylinders

• 900cc-1350cc 4-stroke air/oil-cooled 2-valve pushrod twin cylinders

In making the announcement, AMA Pro Racing Director of TechnicalDevelopment, Kevin Crowther said the changes were consistent with theintent of the Formula Xtreme class and reflective of the currentmotorcycle marketplace.

“The goal of the Formula Xtreme class is to feature highly-modifiedmachines from the broadest list of models,” said Crowther. “Thesechanges are consistent with that philosophy and should lead to increasedbrand and rider participation in the class.”

Crowther added that emphasis was placed on equipment diversity as wellas competitive balance.

“If it becomes apparent that a specific model or type of machine gainsan unfair performance advantage, AMA Pro Racing reserves the right toimplement restrictions including, but not limited to, additional weightto restore competitiveness,” said Crowther. Crowther noted that thisstipulation applies to the Formula Xtreme class only.

The changes to the eligible model list are the result of actions takenby the newly-formed AMA Racing Committee created earlier this year aspart of a re-organization of the AMA and AMA Pro Racing.

Equipment standards for the remaining classes (AMA Superbike, AMASupersport and AMA Superstock) remain unchanged.

Rules adding 1000cc motorcycles to AMA Superbike, the premier class ofthe championship, were announced in 2002 for the 2003 racing season andwill continue at least through the 2008 racing season. Current AMASuperbike rules feature 901-1000cc four-stroke engines with two or morecylinders, exclusively.

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