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From Pirelli:

Pirelli's new three-zone compound Diablo Corsa III is not only the hottest,trend-setting, traction-grabbing tire on the market, it also comes with a specialpromotion. Buy a rear Diablo Corsa III and get a free front for only the cost ofshipping.

All any rider needs to do to take part in this promotion is purchase a Diablo CorsaIII rear tire from their favorite Parts Unlimited dealer, go to the, sign up, and a front tire will be delivered to your doorjust for the cost of shipping. Only a limited number of tires are available duringthis special promotion, so don?t delay.

The Pirelli Diablo III is a three-zone compound tire with two different compoundssplit into those three distinct zones across the profile, providing high tractionfor cornering and high-mileage for traveling. It's the first ever dual compound tiredesigned specifically for the street and it's the same tire used in World Superstockcompetition, again showing how at Pirelli, we race what we sell, we sell what werace.

The Pirelli Diablo III is also manufactured using Pirelli's unique MIRS(Multi-Integrated Robotic System) technology; no human hands touch the tires duringthe production process. This results in perfect tires with perfect structuralequilibrium. This tire comes balanced so if your rim is too, no weights arerequired.

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