Receiver Mounted Cycle Carriers? Staff
by Staff
Anybody used these? The ones that go in the receiver hitch on your truck and hang the bike off the back.

I was planning on getting a set of ramps, but these are mostly cheaper, leave the bed of the truck open for stuff, and look like they would be easier to load!

Looking for experience (good/bad) with the style, and any suggestions as far as brands and models. (Not supermodels, I can't afford one of them. Hell I can't afford the one I have!)

And yeah, yeah, I know, I should just ride there (where ever there may be), but sometimes it don't work out that way......

This fall, a couple of buddies and myself are planning a riding weekend in the Texas Hill Country, and I am stoked! Used to live up in Austin, and really can't wait. Hard to concentrate on work!


Thanks in advance for the help, guys!


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