Sundiro and Orbital Will Produce Two-Stroke Engines in China

Oribital Engine Corp. and Hainan Sundiro Motorcycle Co. have entered into an agreement that will establish the production of Orbital Combustion Process (OCP) automotive two-stroke engines for the Chinese market.

"With their committed adoption of Orbital technology across a range of vehicle applications, Sundiro is making a significant contribution to the future air quality of China," said Oribital CEO, Mr. Kim Schlunke.

Sundiro is a large motorcycle manufacturer that has traditionally been involved in the production of four-stroke engines.

Orbital is a leading international developer of engine technologies using direct in-cylinder fuel injection and lean-burn systems for enhanced feul economy and lower emissions. They have been working for many, many years with clean two-stroke engines that have had success in marine applications, but not much with cars/motorcycles. This agreement will be a breakthrough into automotive for the Australian company.

Sundiro is initially set to make small, inexpensive cars, but we're hoping it won't be long before someone picks up Orbital engines for motorcycles. Two-stroke engines are significantly cheaper to produce than four-strokes, and are much lighter--which means the supporting motorcycle can be made lighter. So you end up with incredibly powerful, light and relatively inexpensive bikes, perfect for power-hungry bikers like us!

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