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Some interesting comments in here from Mr. Ziemer. Thanks to reader Cheesebeast for the story.--MO

GROWING UP A FEW blocks from Harley-Davidson's original Milwaukee factory, Jim Ziemer saw, heard and smelled its employees burn rubber down his street as they tested new motorcycles. At 15, he rode a Harley for the first time. A year later Ziemer bought his first bike — a Honda. "I had a paper route. It was all I could afford," he says sheepishly. Other than that purchase and a two-year stint in the Army, Ziemer, 56, has been a Harley lifer. He started working at the company at 19 as a freight-elevator operator (weekly salary: $104). Moving up the ranks, he reached the chief executive's office in April 2005 (weekly salary: $11,998).

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