Quick Bike for a Tall Guy.

Alright so I feel like a MOron, but I figured who else than the community at MO would be better suited to help me with my conundrum? This issue is this...I'm 6'4", weigh a mere 180lbs and have a 36" inseam. What bike, short of a BMW 1150 or 1200GS (I've owned two already) is quick, would fit AND, most importantly, not look like a flying brick. Most of my friends, colleagues, wife, etc. all hate the look of the GS. I've done my homework and sat on a bunch of seats, but I'm not sold on any one brand or style. My only qualification is that I'm not looking for a touring mount.

I apologize to all you GS riders out there in advance (many of you are friends) for this slanderous solicitation.

Thanks folks,

Westwood, NJ
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George Obradovich
George Obradovich

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