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The Diva Rider Daily Journal
A Guide On and Off the Road
Barrie, Ontario CANADA, June 30, 2006

New company creates practical and inspirational journal for the growing number of women motorcycle enthusiasts.

Diva Rider Wear, a company geared to serving the growing number of women in motorcycling, has published a Journal for women who are out there enjoying the open road.

Diva Rider Wear’s founder Kelly Patterson McGrath has created The Diva Rider Daily Journal, a unique product that addresses the need for practical recording of the daily ride but with an exciting difference.

The difference is that the Journal also provides the opportunity for personal development with fun, easy to learn tips and techniques for helping women manage stress and learn to create balance in their busy, demanding lives.

In addition there are thought provoking daily quotes, tips on riding and bike care, places to record favourite stops and shops, a calendar and a name and address directory.

“I want to give women the tools and techniques they need to let them discover their own passion, live out loud and be themselves,” says Patterson McGrath.
The Journal provides a place to begin that awakening process while enjoying the passion for the open road.

Kelly Patterson McGrath started Diva Rider Wear after seeing an opportunity in the marketplace for something different. That difference is a Diva look and feel on the T-shirts, clothing and product line she has created. Exciting and innovative artists are found to design strong and sexy female images. Inspirational words are added to the images creating a unique and fun look.

Inspirational speaking, coaching and consulting services to organizations, associations and individuals are also provided.
You can check them out at:

Contact: Kelly Patterson McGrath
705-721-8130 - Diva Rider Wear
[email protected]
By Kelly Patterson McGrath
ISBN 1-4120-9403-8 - Trafford Publishing

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