Ride To Work...Like a Squid...Day.

Motorcycle.com Staff
by Motorcycle.com Staff
This past Thursday marked the inaugural Ride Like A Squid To WorkDay. Following close-on-the-heels of Wednesday's National Ride To WorkDay, National Ride Like A Squid To Work Day encourages cool motorcycliststo straddle their GSX-R 1000 motorcycles and perform rolling burnouts,stoppies and stand-up wheelies all the way to their respectiveconstruction sites or fast food employers.

"It would have a negative impact on our ability to attract vacant staresfrom our 'taking a few years off before college' sportbike groupies, ifthe public perceived all motorcyclists as responsible, respectfulmotorists." said National Ride To Work Like A Squid Day founder DirtyAlextreem. "We feel it's crucial to our identity to separate ourselvesfrom those Aerostich wearing Ride To Work weenies and also to demonstrateour sensitivity to global warming, by riding in shorts that've fallenhalf-way down our asses, flip flop sandals and some kind of extremely-coolyet strangely-offensive tank top. Since safety is of paramount importance,we will of course have expensive full-face helmets perched half-off ourheads, while wearing MotoGP-grade racing gloves with the fingers cut-off'to reduce unsprung weight' or something."

In a surprising move, the National Ride Like A Squid To Work Foundationextended an invite to anyone who rides a chopper, Boss Hoss or other two(or three) wheeled vehicle that was designed as if corners were merelysomething to be cut at work. "It might sound odd at first, but when youthink about it, those guys are our brothers. I mean they ride forappearance and to demonstrate their chosen 'Lifestyle' and that's notunlike our own group mentality of dick comparison through demonstration ofpoor judgment" said Alextreem.

National Ride Like A Squid To Work Day coverage will be the exclusivedomain of SPEED TV's excellent new show 'Superbikes'

Who is this Dirty Alextreem?--Pete

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Motorcycle.com Staff
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