Blue Marlin Comes to America

Calvin Kim
by Calvin Kim
The 1000cc V-twin, super-slick concept motorcycle will come to American shores during the Fall of 2002. According to Robert Pandya, Aprilia's Marketing Coordinator, a limited edition of approximately 100 bikes will be sold exclusively through Aprilia dealers on a first-come, first-served basis.

"Unlike other Italian manufacturers who sell over the Internet,"”stated Pandya in obvious reference to Ducati’s marketing of the MH900E, "The Blue Marlin will be sold only through our dealers. Aprilia encourages and supports customer-dealer relations."

While the Blue Marlin has been seen only in Europe, and then as a prototype at the Bologna Motorshow, American sportbike riders have shown an outpouring of interest in the machine. Comparable to the Honda New American Sport (a.k.a. NAS or Xaxis) the Blue Marlin looks to be the "firstest with the mostest" (their words, not ours -Ed.) to make it into actual production.

For those who haven’t seen the bike, the Blue Marlin is totally uncovered; a tiny headlight shell and small radiator surround make up the entirety of the bodywork. Even the seat is unfaired, perched atop a skeletal mount that echoes the aluminum truss swingarm.

As is the case with the entire line of Aprilia’s large motorcycles, their superb fuel injected, 1-liter, 60-degree V-twin will power the Blue Marlin. This engine has proven to be highly reliable as well as powerful and obviously versatile. Modified with various tuning configurations, this engine powers the Mille and Mille R sportbikes, the Futura sport touring machine, the CapoNord dual-purpose adventure bike, and the Falco semi-faired sport motorcycle.

The price of the Blue Marlin is expected to be more than the standard RSV Mille, but less than the carbon fiber and titanium equipped, ultra-trick Mille R. Aprilia has not announced the date they will begin taking deposits for the US production run. Contact your nearest Aprilia dealer and let him know if you’re interested.

- J. J. Heintz

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