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I had planned the day for nearly a year. Two buddies, one from Ohio and the other from Kentucky, flew in and met me at the Rocklin, CA Harley dealership to rent some bikes for a ride into the Sierra's yesterday. We left about 9 AM and rode into the hills.

Gread day with lots of pictures. Then, about 12:30, I was leading the group, doing about 30 mph on Hell Hole Road approx. 1/2 mile from the Ranger station when a bear....that's right a BEAR, ran from the trees and, as described by my friends, lunged for my bike! I admit, I didn't see a lunge, I saw a big brown streak. And that was likely running down my leg at that point.

I swerved to the left and raised my right foot off the peg. The right side of the crankcase struck the bear (plucking a single hair) and the inside of my right foot hit him (her??, didn't stop to check) on the head.

The bear was spun around. He stopped and shook his head (I guess I rang the bell!) and charged back into the woods.
I stopped a hundred yards or so up the road to take inventory and do a spot check.

Finding everything where it belongs, except my normally steady nerves, we continued up the road, only stopping at the Ranger station to report the wounded(?) bear. The ranger was out, but I left word with the folks who were there working a 4 wheel club project.

I ride up in that area (Mosquito Ridge Road) six or seven times a year, never seeing anything but squirrels and birds. Well, now I've got the ultimate fish story to tell, with a picture of a plucked bear hair and two witnesses to prove it!

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