Founder of Cycle World Magazine Dies

Joe Parkhurst, founder of Cycle World magazine, passed away Tuesday from complications of the chemotherapy treatment he was receiving for lung cancer.

"Joe was a man of many passions-world travel, sailing, painting, jazz music," said Cycle World Publisher Larry Little. "Above all, he loved motorcycling, and for that we can all be very thankful. Motorcycling in America is the better for Joe Parkhurst being involved."

Parkhurst started Cycle World in 1962. The magazine sponsored one of the first international motocross races in the U.S. and backed the first U.S. round of the World Trials Championship. Parkhurst also co-founded Saddle Park, one of the first motorcycle-dedicated off-road riding areas and published the bi-weekly Motorcycle Business Newsletter.

Parkhurst will be cremated; his ashes scattered at Catalina Island off the coast of California. A merorial service is being planned by his wife of 22 years, Claire, for January. He was 74.

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