Inaugural AMA Rules Committee Meeting Held. Staff
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From the AMA:

PICKERINGTON, Ohio (July 14, 2006) -- The first meeting of thenewly-formed AMA Road Race Rules Committee was held Thursday at AMAheadquarters in Pickerington, Ohio. The all-day meeting covered avariety of issues related to the AMA Superbike Championship and was anencouraging beginning to a new way of conducting business according toAMA CEO, Patti DiPietro.

“I am very pleased with the outcome of our first meeting and thecontributions made by each member of this committee,” said DiPietroThursday evening. “We covered a lot of ground today and I’m happy withour initial progress. There is a great deal of work to be done by thisgroup and this was a productive beginning.”

Members of the newly-formed committee attending the meeting includedAmmar Bazzaz of Bazzaz Performance Design, Erik Buell of BuellMotorcycle, Co., Sean Clarke of WERA, Kevin Crowther of AMA Pro Racing,Gordon Lunde of the Wegman Benefit Fund, Britt Lynn of Moto-R, NickMcCabe of Ducati North America, Keith McCarty of Yamaha Motor Corp.,Wendell Phillips of Phillips Motorsport Group, Michael Preston ofKawasaki Motor Corp., Don Sakakura of Yoshimura R & D (representingSuzuki Motor Corp.), Jay Sherritt, and Kevin Smith of the AFM. Committeemember Chuck Miller of Honda Motor Co. was unable to attend due to aprior commitment. Additionally, AMA and AMA Pro Racing staff members whoattended included DiPietro, Kerry Graeber, Ron Barrick, Ken Rogers andAMA Board of Directors member Carl Reynolds, who chaired the meeting.AMA attorney Timothy Owens was also in attendance.

Earlier this year the AMA and AMA Pro Racing announced a reorganizationto its structure specifically designed to improve the rulesmakingprocess. In addition to a Standing Racing Committee created to providestrategic direction for AMA Championship Racing, a separate rulescommittee is being formed for each discipline. This committee will dealspecifically with AMA Superbike rules. Committees for AMA Flat Track,AMA Supercross/Motocross and AMA Supermoto are being finalized and willbe meeting soon. Additionally a committee has been formed to oversee AMAHillclimb.

Once a rule is decided upon by the respective rules committee it iselevated through the Racing Standing Committee to the AMA Board ofDirectors for ratification. The board of directors can either approvethe rule as is or send back to the rules committee with comment. Theboard is empowered to either approve or deny the rule but not change it.

DiPietro reported that the Road Race Rules Committee acted on severalcurrent issues and that its recommendations have already been sent tothe AMA Board of Directors for approval. It is expected that the boardwill act quickly with announcements coming as early as next week.Typically, rule changes will not go into effect until the followingseason, but if the situation warrants, rule changes can be implementedimmediately.The next meeting of the Road Race Rules Committee is scheduled forSeptember.

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