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From Motocross Illustrated:

CORONA, CALIF., JULY 5 —The sport of motocross is slated to benefit from the debut of Motocross Illustrated (MXi), an all-new glossy, color, bi-weekly motocross magazine that promises to change the way motocross is perceived among its current fans and generate more awareness of motocross in the mainstream sports world.

Based in Corona, Calif., Motocross Illustrated will forego the status quo portrayal of motocross as a lifestyle in order to focus on the real issues inside and outside of the sport as it continues to drift away from its “action sports” image and assimilates the profile of more popular motorsports, such as NASCAR and NHRA drag racing, and the generally accepted “stick-and-ball” professional sports.

According to Motocross Illustrated editor-in-chief Steve Cox, that means treating all of the subjects to be covered in the magazine – including interviews, issues-oriented features, event coverage and product testing – with complete and total objectivity and professionalism.

“We hope to let the news be the news,” Cox said. “Between supercross, motocross and supermoto, the general sport of motocross racing is among the fastest-growing sports in the country, not just the fastest-growing motorsports. We plan on treating motocross as a true sport, because that’s what we believe it is. True victories, true defeats, true controversies and true resolutions make up the fabric of today’s motocross racing, and with MXi we want to bring all of this to our readers, the sport’s participants and the motorcycle industry itself.”

With 26 full-color issues per year, Motocross Illustrated brings a focus and a frequency not currently attained in the marketplace. Motocross Illustrated Publisher/executive Editor Scott Rousseau says that he believes the time is right for motocross to benefit from this strategy.

“Our mantra at Motocross Illustrated is that we are a different kind of motocross magazine, and we are definitely taking a different approach to covering the sport,” Rousseau said. “Knowing how motocross fans hunger for information on their favorite riders, new products and the constantly shifting climate of their sport, our philosophy is that to be a true authority in the sport, you can’t give it anything less than 100 percent focus, and you can’t do it only 12 times a year and count on internet presence to fill in the gaps. With MXi we’re willing to put it on the line to give those readers 26 issues per year, focused on the sport that drives their passion, but we also have definite ideas on how we can pull in new readers and bring motocross itself even greater exposure.”Rousseau and Cox bring solid editorial credentials to Motocross Illustrated. Both are former editors of Cycle News, a weekly motorcycle newspaper that is well respected in the industry. After completing his internship with Cycle World magazine in 1992, Rousseau served on the editorial staff of Cycle News from 1993 to 2006, ultimately ascending to the position of Managing Editor. Cox served the role of Copy Editor and later Assistant Off-Road Editor from 2000 to 2004 before going on to become Editor At Large for Transworld Motocross Magazine. Additionally, Cox has become one of the most widely read freelance motocross journalists around the globe by contributing to several titles in the U.S., Europe, Africa and Australia.

The premier issue of Motocross Illustrated is scheduled for release to subscribers on August 3, followed by a newsstand release on August 15.For Motocross Illustrated subscription information, call 800/MXI-MOTO, or log onto Motorcycle dealers interested in carrying Motocross Illustrated should call 888/737-3003. Newsstand wholesalers interested in carrying Motocross Illustrated should contact Rider Circulation Services, 323/244-1200.Motocross Illustrated magazine is a division of:

Access Media, Inc.140 N. Maple St., Unit 101Corona, CA 92880951/737-3003Fax 951/

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