National Buffoon's European Vacation. Staff
by Staff
Friends, Romans, Countrymen (especially Romans). Lend us your ears!

Attention citizens of Rome! Maximum MOron and Senior Editor Gabe Ets-Hokin isvisiting Rome until Saturday morning and is also doing a feature story about ridinga scooter in the wacky maelstrom that is Roman traffic.

He would like to chat it up with a few local Morons about commuting and gettingaround Rome on a scooter or motorcycle. You could meet him for coffee or a piece ofpizza and chat a bit about survival strategy, or at least how it is that you canride, talk on your cell phone and smoke all at the same time.

He's staying at the Pisana Palace hotel (39-06-66690851) or can be emailed directly(with your contact info, please) at [email protected] He'd love to meet withsome of our European readers!

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