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Pirelli now offers all licensed road racers a special deal to hook up withworld-class traction. This promotion includes Pirelli's Diablo SuperbikeSlicks/Rains and Dragon Supercorsa Pro DOT Race Tires. Buy one front and two reartires, and get an equivalent front for free. Or, buy two sets of tires and get arear for free.

All a licensed racer needs to do is: purchase tires from a participating racevendor, and turn in the completed promotional form to the vendor at time of purchase(incomplete forms are ineligible). Awarded coupons are valid for purchases from July1st-July 31st.

The participating race venders are: Trackside Racers Supply, (828) 235-8400,Competition Motorsports South (904) 387-3947, Racers Supply Co. (816) 550-1992Street & Competition (518) 279-4598, Tigershark Racing (503) 358-5704, FastlineRacing (505) 980-2123, Traction Zone (801) 244-2149.

The Diablo Superbike Slick is the WSBK Spec Tire with improved SC compound forultimate track performance, a new rear profile for the 190/55-R17 for improvedhandling, stable performance lap after lap, and superb traction and stability athigh speed. The Diablo Superbike Slick is also available in Pirelli?s incomparableRain treads and compounds. The Dragon Supercorsa Pro is a Special Compound: DOTRace Tire with a new front profile for precise tip-in and line holding, newstretched rear tread pattern for continuous stability and performance lap afterlap, improved compounds (SC0, SC1, SC2 and SC3) for maximum performance, and a newprofile for the 190/55ZR-17 for hard-handling and braking stability.

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