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Recently, a reader posted a query about the soon coming (at the time of the post) motorbike specific programing change from the Speed channel. Well, for all intents and purposes Tuesday has come and gone, and with it the first installment of 'Super Bikes.' The saying goes that you can't judge a book by its cover. But you might get a good sense of the direction it will probably head after you read the promotional synopsis inside the dust jacket.

Although more entertaining than what I anticipated, thanks in part to exposing the little seen biking culture and sub-culture in San Francisco (too bad Frisco native Gabe is out of town and probably hasn't seen the show) I'm still not sure that a program specifically spotlighting “the edgy, fast paced lifestyle of today’s young motorcycle enthusiasts” is going to do much to endear the non-riding public to our cause. Although, I have to admit I've always had an affinity for Euro hooliganism; more so than watching a gaggle of Mid-Western youth with too much money and too much time on their hands wreck run-of-the-mill sportbikes.

Perhaps it's too early to tell how the show will do, or rather what it will do, but I can't help to think anything other than that this is Speed's attempt to capitalize on what they hope isn't a short-lived cultural phenomenon in order to bolster their bottom line. I would certainly hope that the higher-ups at Speed aren't so shortsighted. Or maybe I've no idea what I'm talking about.

Thanks for letting me editorialize Mofos, now let's hear what y'all have to say about the show. I'm sure there's a comment or two out there waiting for a venue such as this.--Pete

Note: If you haven't seen 'Super Bikes' or don't have access to Speed channel, a thousand pardons for any unintentional exclusion.

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