Tough Buying Decision Made Tougher

Brent Avis
by Brent Avis
An anoynmous reader sent in the following query. Perhaps you all could help him out in making the appropriate decision...

Alright, I got a problem. It's an age-old battle between a man's two heads. I got a large (what happens when a male sees a pretty woman -- ed) for a Ducati 748 R, but my (brain) is telling me stick to a Yamaha R6 for price and speed.

Woe is me! Yes the Ducati is a stretch in the wallet, but man.......look at it. It's like that pouty model chick that takes a lot more effort to nail...

and who might not be quite as good as your old girlfriend, but it's a badge of honor. You tell you're friends, "see that hot model chick? I (expletive deleted -- ed) her." And your friends oohh and aahhh and give you a pat on the back and you feel like the man.

I know that, performance-wise, the Yamaha beats the snot out of the Ducati, and might be more fun to ride overall, but will I be able to get the Ducati out of my head if I settle in with the R6? I don't want to commit if I have another bike on the brain.

I've had two Honda CBR600s so far, and while fun and reliable, they don't give me enough, I dunno, oomph. They're boring to me. What the hell do I do?

Should I get the Ducati and beef up the HP or just shut up and get the R6.

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Brent Avis
Brent Avis

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