MotoCzysz C1 Unveiling Planned For Red Bull USGP. Staff
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Portland, Oregon June 23, 2006: MotoCzysz, America's newestmotorcycle manufacturer has chosen the 2006 Red Bull USGP, July21-23, for the official unveiling of their next generation C1 factoryroad race bikes. The new MotoCzysz C1 race bikes that will seecompetition in 2006, will be displayed at the MotoCzysz GP paddockinspired exhibit located in the manufacturers' area of Mazda LagunaSeca Raceway in beautiful Monterey, California.

"There is little time to appreciate what you have designed, once adesign is complete you immediately start work on how to make itbetter. It is a relentless but seductive process." Says MichaelCzysz, Chief Designer/ CEO "MotoCzysz has now realized a significantpart of our dream, it will be my honor to present our first officialrace bike at the USGP, this motorcycle will be the most advanced andcapable motorcycle ever made in America."

Based on the successful proof of concept prototype, the nextgeneration C1 is a no holds barred American bred contender. The worldclass team of designers and engineers has evolved the proprietary andradical new technologies from the original prototype to make the C1 atrue, competitive race bike. The stunning new C1 will be proudlydisplayed, in full race trim, to feed the eyes and ears of thethousands of fans in attendance.

The MotoCzysz GP paddock inspire exhibit will also offer a new lineof official MotoCzysz men's and women's apparel available forpurchase. Fans are invited to stop by to see the new MotoCzysz C1,pick up a limited edition poster and experience the MotoCzyszlifestyle. Michael Czysz and Engineers will be on hand for scheduledQ&A sessions.

MotoCzysz, an American motorcycle company producing the mostadvanced, high performance motorcycles made in the U.S.A. The worldclass team of designers and engineers has produced innovativesolutions that have been awarded US and world wide patents, includinga patent for a high performance counter rotating, twin crankcombustion engine.

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