V-Twin Engine: How Big Can It Get?

I read a rumor that Honda, reacting to the fact that the Kawasaki VN2000 and Triumph Rocket III 2300 have relegated their once-huge VTX1800 to relative wienie-boy status, is planning on introducing a new, larger-than-anything-else V-twin cruiser.

This brings up the question of the practical limits of piston size. As piston top real estate expands, complete combustion of the mixture becomes more problematic. The use of twin sparkplugs with such monster pistons is typical.

These monster V-twins are reaching the current automotive limits ("Viper-sized pistons") and moving into the big-truck arena, and big trucks almost exclusively use diesels, which don't care about piston size because they don't use sparkplugs.

So what's around the corner? V-twins of 3-liter or 4-liter displacement with triple or quadruple sparkplugs? What kind of vibration will a V-twin of that size produce?

What think you, MOfos?
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George Obradovich
George Obradovich

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