World's Fastest Indian...On DVD. Staff
by Staff
Just rented the video, fellow MOfos, and wow! No theater in my neck of the woods screened it, and I have been waiting for it to be available on DVD. I am suddenly inspired to build a motorcycle in my garage, and drag it across the country to speed week.

Coolest thing to me is that my wife dug it too! It has all the macho stuff any of us could want, but it really is a great human story. This guy was the real deal on several (many) different levels.

It's available, get it, enjoy it, and wonder why the hell it didn't make it in theaters......

If I start now, and hustle, I think I can put together a 1000 cc or less streamliner motorcyle and break his record on the 40th anniversary of it being set....... Well, gotta get out to the old shed and get started casting my own spare pistons........

Shiny side up!


Yes indeed, MO forgot to announce that this fine movie is out on DVD as of last week.--MO
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