Draggin' Jeans Reader Feedback

Brent Plummer
by Brent Plummer
We all know we should wear full protective gear every time we ride --even the anti-helmet crowd won't argue this point.

How many of us push the envelope and go out in less-than-adequate protection?Seems like a lot to me: whilst pedaling in the other day, I stopped at a traffic light next to a guy on a 900cc Triumph who was shod in flip-flops (the cheaprubber kind from your local drugstore), shorts and a tank top. No gloves, but he did have a $500-dollar helmet on. Sitting in the left lane with hisleft blinker running the whole time unbeknownst to him, I thought "what anAnonymous Squid."

So, thanks to this one guy, every unregistered MO user hereat news.mo has to suffer the cruel indignity of beinglabeled an 'Anonymous Squid'. A sad situation that could'vebeen avoided if this guy had know about Fast Company's Draggin' Jeans and Shirt.

Are we being too harsh? Was this anonymous rider truly a squid, or was heexpressing some little-recognized freedom to be a squid whilst riding, andbe revered as a true libertarian?

While we may have found the stylistic cues from the Draggin' gear a bitlacking -- and it is a tad itchy when new -- we believe it is an excellentalternative for those that don't want to wear (at least) boots, leatherjacket and gloves every time they ride...

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Brent Plummer
Brent Plummer

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