Gobert Fastest at Fontana

Brent Avis
by Brent Avis
At the conclusion of a three-day test session by the top teams at California Speedway, it was Team Yamaha's Anthony Gobert who turned in the fastest lap time. He headed off a number of challengers by racers such as Team Suzuki's Mat Mladin and Eric Bostrom, among others.

The track was not without scrutiny, however, as a change in the placement of a chicane caused some discontent amongst the riders. Still, the lap times at the new facility keep improving and the racing here should be excellent...

1. Anthony Gobert (1:25.186)2. Mat Mladin (1:25.429)3. Jason Pridmore (1:26.020) Formula Xtreme3. Eric Bostrom (1:26.090)4. Damon Buckmaster (1:26.223) Formula Xtreme5. Aaron Yates (1:26.295)6. Jamie Hacking (1:26.812)7. Aaron Gobert (1:27.074) Formula Xtreme8. Tom Kipp (1:27.169) Formula Xtreme9. Josh Hayes (1:27.862) Formula Xtreme10. Tommy Hayden (1:28.673) 600cc Supersport
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Brent Avis
Brent Avis

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