Old Girl Found Neglected in Junkyard

About 11 years ago I sold My '81 GS 850 through an ad in the local paper. 35,000 Km on it. Mint condition, Pacifico Aero Fairing, Samsonite luggage. near broke my heart. We were together since she was new. We rode across Canada together with my now wife on the back. Down to California, out to Vancouver from Calgary. Lots of great trips. I stopped in at TJ's Cycle in Calgary to see if there was anything interesting for sale. There she was!! GASP! Can't be my bike.....
65,000 showing on the clock. looks like she's been sitting outside ever since we parted company.

Horrendous shape, Fork seals leaking rust everywhere but with lots of TLC she could be brought back to life. It was sure wierd seeing that old bike again after all those years have gone by. I could probabily buy it back for a song..... na The shiny Red VETEC VFR in the garage is light years ahead of the old girl....
Best to leave old memories alone...
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George Obradovich
George Obradovich

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