Suzuki DL1000 V-Strom Hard Luggage Choices

Hey MOrons! I need some help with setting up my V-Strom with a hard luggage system. I am just plain confused with how this all works together. I want to use my V-Strom as a poor man's BMW for adventure touring. I really love the V-Strom, it puts a smile on my face everytime I hit the throttle at 5K.

BTW, any other suggestions on outfitting my Strom for adventure would be helpful, such as what gear to always carry on a lonely trip. Also, I am considering lowering the Strom, I am only 5'6". I already traded seats with the DL650, which helps some.

Knowlege should be shared! I hate rediscovering the wheel.

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George Obradovich
George Obradovich

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