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Brent Plummer
by Brent Plummer
MO needs your help: We have multiple fast, redundant 'Net connections into us and a rack of "big iron" load-balancing servers here. We spend a lot to maintain the best infrastructure we can, and should be the one of the fastest sites on the 'Net.

That said, it seems that our provider is having problems routing to several major ISPs -- Earthlink and Prodigy amongst them. We can't seem to get any resolution from them, and we need some networking-savvy people that are experiencing "SlowMO" to send us reports on this...

Update 13:50 PST: Tweaked this, reloaded that, it should be better. Anyone with any slowness, please post below. We store IPs in your post and will look at each individual routing case. Thanks to all those that helped, especially the Cisco gurus who chimed in! --Brent

It's easy, under any Unix:
Or, Windows:

Additionally, a traceroute to an off-site backup (via the same provider, but different routing scheme) would be great:

Feel free to e-mail the results back to Brent Plummer ( [email protected]), or post them here.

Thanks much for the help!

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