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The Hayabusa has mad respect, yo, and not just from the Mr. All Caps of the world. Plenty of more mature enthusiasts enjoy the big Soozook for its nice handling, day-long comfort and mid-range power.

Of course, having 160 hp to play with never made a bike worse. So when Kawasaki announced an all-new road burner in the form of the 2006 ZX-14, we MOrons decided we needed to break out the MO debit card, round up a Hayabusa and a ZX-14, and ride the pee out of both bikes for a while to see which was better.

This is the first ZX-14 v. Hayabusa test on the WWW (certainly in English!) and it has some surprising conclusions. So even if you're not in the market for a 160+ HP road-missle, you might be interested in this test anyway.

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