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by Staff
I've recently gotten the bug to buy some older "dream bikes" from back when I was a young lad.

Being the first Gen Xer there was no Harley lust when I was a teen. It was all about Japanese models from the mid to late 70s. My two favorites are the Honda CBX and the Yamaha RD400.

I recently bid on two different CBXs and was surprised how high these bikes are being bid up now. Higher than the orignial sticker price!

RD400s can be had for much less but aren't as generally well-cared for as the Honda.

I'm not looking for a museum piece, just something that is in decent enough shape for me to ride every day.

So will it be 6 cylinders or two smoke?

If Suzuki would committ to that new 6 cylinder I'd just wait.

Stop me before I bid again!!!
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