FJR1300 Model Introduction Staff
by Staff
GRRRR! That's the sound sport-touring shoppers make when the salesman tells them they have to put $500 down and can't haggle over price to get a new FJR1300.

So that bike better be pretty sweet, right? Well, despite it finishing dead-last in last year's MO Sport-Touring shootout, it's one of the most popular sport-tourers made.

But how can they make it better, when it's already so good? Why not give it electric shifting and eliminate the clutch lever?

Will this make a good bike better? Or is it just a cheesy gimmick that will go the way of the Hondamatic?

To answer that question, Senior Editor Gabe Ets-Hokin stretched his eatin' muscles, washed his black T-shirts and linen pants and headed to San Diego, California to ride the revised, revamped and repriced FJR 1300 and tell you all about it.

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