Unsportsmanlike Rossi?

Apparently it's just me - but didn't Rossi's dive into the first corner at LeMans today look unsportsmanlike? He obviously went in way to hot and was prepared to throw shoulders and elbows as neccessary.

To me it looked like a desperate bid to get out front by the embattled champion. He wound up pushing two other rider's wide and crashing out De Puniet. I've got mad respect for Rossi but I'm suprised that no commentators etc. mentioned the move. I doubt if one of the Rookie's could have gotten away with that without being censured or fined. De Puniet looked injured and didn't get up quick. Of course he is ROSSI so perhaps the rules shouldn't apply?

What say you MOFOs should Rossi be fined or censured for that move? Do you think he'll be able to hold that level of determination for the next races? His ensuing drive to the front was amazing (until his engine quit). I haven't seen anyone ride with that level of ferocity in a long time. As Rossi pulled away from Pedrosa he was simply on fire!

P.S. - I hope Nicky takes the title! With so many front runners swapping wins a constant line of seconds may just be enough. I just hope Nicky can pull together a few wins this year to with all those podium finishes!

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George Obradovich

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