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It's me again. Thanks for everybodies help in making my first bike decsion. It looks like you guys have talked me into getting a used bike. (Finally, everybody says,lol.) I am going to get my deposit back from the 650R, I hope, and get something that I can learn on without having to worry about scratching up that new '06 paint job. I'll save that for when I am more experienced, and on the track. Also the insurance price for full coverage of a new 650R is pretty steep, with Progressive or Geico. Just the collision insurance(which I was trying to dodge before , but know I really need incase anything really bad happens to it,I pray not) was like $1,200.00 a year with Progressive and $1,600.00 something with Geico. All included, that's more than 100 dollars a month for insurance.

Used bikes are quite a bit less of couse. I went up to a dealership that has new and used bikes today as well. I had some more time to sit on a few different ones. I could flat foot the ground on the Katana 600, Ninja 500 and the 650R. Which gives me a good feeling,sort of, still have no idea how to ride yet, haha. I'll be taking the MSf course here this coming weekend now.

Anyway the foot pegs and reach felt fine to me on all of them sitting stationary. I suppose I won't know for sure until I get out riding on them though.

I have a couple questions for you guys about used bikes and insurance. The older Honda '95,'96,'97 (around those years) F2,F3, and F4's. Are any of them okay starters and/or not full lean sportbikes? Been looking through the cycle trader and looks like you can get one around 3k. Also looking at 2000's + Ninja 500's/ GS 500's. Looks like you can grab one of those for around 3-4k depending on how new you get and the mileage.

Wondering if the Ninja or the GS has better handling, stability, etc for a beginner such as myself? I am planning on moving up to a ZX-6R or to that ZZR 600 I wanted, when I eventually have the skill for it. Do any of the above bikes handle sort of like those sportbikes, to get me ready for them? Also want to ask about insurance companies. I've been hearing different things. I know at my age (20 today) that full coverage is probably going to be relatively high compared to if I was 5+ years older. What have you guys found to be the most reasonable?

I am going to be calling around this week as much as I can to check on quotes. Man that was alot of questions. Oh yeah, I checked on health insurance for myself and it is pretty reasonable with Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Its about $60 to $70 some dollars, depending on the deductible. There is also a $15 a month plan that only covers times that you are admitted to the hospital. In other words if you go in to the emergency room and you are sent home afterwards (not admitted to the hospital) you have to foot the bill. Think I'm probably steering clear of that one. Help with any of these questions would be great. Thanks again for all of your help.

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