There Once Was a Man Named Rossi Staff
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gbrummet is a poet and Rossi doesn't know it.--Pete

There once was a man named Rossi

There once was a man named Rossi,
who couldn't be caught by the Grandprix posse.
seems he could do no wrong,
No matter whom he belonged.

Through Honda's and Yammies,
he continued as champion!

Come rain or shine,
no matter the bind,
the Doctor would remind,
all should fall behind.

Then along came Nicky, Loris,
Dani, Marco and Casey,
to show Rossi their faces
and take their new places.

So will the new flames,
endure the pain,
and lay claim,
to Moto fame?

Or, is it over,
for the good Doctor?
The man who could not falter?
Or will he again,
gain good fortune and fame?

Grant Brummett

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