Illness And Pain Catching Up With Evel. Staff
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I once (unexpectedly) found myself sitting directly across the table from Evel at a dinner event during the Del Mar Mile weekend several years ago. It was quite an experience, to say the very least, for my friend and myself to be sharing beers (not terribly long after liver surgery of all things; I'm convinced he could eat nails for breakfast) with one of the greatest motorcycle and cultural icons of all time. It took several days for it to sink in.

This line from the article was my experience in a nutshell: "He can be kind and gracious one minute, irascible and profane the next."

Although never rude to my friend nor myself, he wouldn't hesitate one second to tell someone who was rubbing him the wrong way to take a flying leap. Through the course of the evening, he would regale a multitude of stories (many interspersed with gruffness and embitterment) from his past as well as dispensing his own brand of wisdom.

Eventually, the night drew to a close and Evel was assisted from the table. But before he was completely out of sight, he turned back our way, reached out to shake our hands and said, "It was really nice meetin' you guys."

That was something that I hadn't seen him do all night. I attributed it to us letting him be himself and talking about whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted. It's something I'll never forget.--Pete

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