MO and Gobert Finish on the Podium

Brent Avis
by Brent Avis
Yesterday's Yamaha Media Motorsports day was a chance for all of Yamaha's racers and key personnel to meet with the media and hype the upcoming year. The events were held at Irwindale Speedway in Irwindale, California and were centered around shifter-kart racing, just like last year's event.

Nine five-man teams were assembled at this year's event and would do some serious head-to-head battle through two practice sessions, culminating in one Superpole-style session (one warm-up lap, one timed lap, then one cool-down lap) for times. The lowest aggregate time of each team was declared the winner, and MO came home with a cool second-place trophy...

Minime was teamed with Yamaha's new acquisition Anthony Gobert, as well as moto photographer Garth Milan, Sport Rider editor Andrew Trevitt, and 125 Supercross racer Justin Bucklew who stood atop the podium a few times last year.

Coming in with an aggregate time of just over 209 seconds, we were edged out by the team of Cycle News editor Paul Carruthers, Sport Rider editor Kent Kunitsugu, last year's second place finisher in 250 Supercross and five-time French motocross champion David Vuillemin, seasoned kart racer Chris Corry, and another Supercorss hopeful Nick Wey, who came in at just over 206 seconds.

Other highlights: Fastest lap time of the day was posted by Eddie Lawson and one of the out-of-control awards going to ESPN moto-mouth Jerry Bernardo.

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